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Are you looking for outsourcing advice? Since we were established in 2008, we have focused on providing pragmatic, commercially focused legal advice to the Outsourcing industry. IT and Outsourcing often go hand in hand, and with our unrivalled experience working for the IT industry we have been responsible for advising outsourced and managed services providers to some of the world’s largest businesses. We have a particular expertise in advising companies to whom the financial services sector are outsourcing specific business functions and companies who are seeking to navigate the hurdles of the public sector procurement regulations.

We generally work for the supplier, with a keen eye on ensuring that contractual commitments can be delivered with the lowest possible financial risk to our clients. Often our clients are in an unequal bargaining situation; and we can help level the playing field, bringing experience and confidence to negotiations which might otherwise be dominated by the larger companies and their teams of in-house lawyers. This is where we excel, bringing unrivalled experience to enable our clients to manage their legal risks and maximize their revenues.

We do also have customer-side clients who are procuring services rather than providing them; and our knowledge of the risks of dealing with suppliers makes us an invaluable addition to any procurement team.