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At LCS, we appreciate the importance of IT law, which is why we strive to provide the best representation and protection available. We endeavor to bring unrivalled experience in assisting our clients in situations where they have an unequal bargaining power, enabling them to successfully manage their legal risks and maximize revenue.

Our IT attorneys are committed to providing a consistently exceptional legal advisory service to tech companies based in both Mumbai and all over the India. As we have grown over the years, so has our client base; and we now serve a wide range of businesses, ranging from start-ups, to SMEs, to individual creators, to large multinational companies.

What can our IT Lawyers help you with?

Our excellent team of IT attorneys specializes in helping clients protect their product, negotiate their contracts and defend their rights. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of IT and technology law and practice. Specifically, our clients can benefit from the following :

  • Government body advice – we can advise a government body on the provision of its data via cloud services and also help with the drafting and negotiation of the necessary contracts with technology providers.
  • Software provider contracts - we assist software providers with contract negotiations across a range of sectors.
  • EULAs (End User License Agreements) – we help with the assembly of EULA software service agreements, development agreements, support and maintenance agreements, channel partner agreements and managed service agreements.
  • Contract disputes – our team of attorneys can confidently handle contract disputes and litigation, covering the whole spectrum of IT law, specifically regarding non-payment of fees and/or early termination, and also disputes relating to the ownership of intellectual property.
  • Data protection – our data protection lawyers offer professional advice on how to securely protect business data and digitalized information, as well as cloud support.
  • Internet law/website advice – our IT lawyers instruct clients on how to protect their online assets including websites.
  • E-commerce – if your company supplies an e-commerce service, we can appropriately guide you on compliance with consumer contracts (Information Technology Act, 2000 & Consumer Protection Act of 1986).

Video Games and Apps

Video games and apps make up an important part of LCS’s IT and technology sector. We enjoy working with a mix of innovative clients in an industry that is constantly expanding and evolving as a result of the constant developments in new technology and devices.

Video Games

The interactive entertainment world is hitting new heights as the range of devices games can be played on continues to grow.

Whether you’re a start up, established indie or major development studio, LCS can help with all your contractual requirements, including :

  • Development agreements - have you been approached about developing a game on behalf of a publisher or do you have an idea for a game that you want to pursue? You’ll need an agreement to manage the relationship, from the quality of the work, payment terms, ownership of IP and termination.
  • Sub-contractor agreements – if you’ve taken on additional developers or other contractors, you’ll need contracts setting out timescales for deliverables, payment and most importantly, you'll also require an intellectual property law firm to determine IP ownership and plan ahead for any potential issues that arise.
  • Non-disclosure agreements – are you pitching your idea to investors or publishers? An NDA may help keeping the idea confidential prior to any further contracts being signed.
  • Publishing agreements – has a major publisher approached you about distributing your game? Retaining IP is the key to your studios survival and growth. Developers’ being forced to give up IP is no longer the norm, but your contracts need to accurately reflect that and our copyright attorneys are happy to assist.


LCS has assisted a number of developers and designers on a range of issues, including :

  • App development agreements – setting out the development process, acceptance testing and responsibilities for submission to app-stores.
  • Terms and conditions of use – setting out the rights and restrictions on use of the App, advice on compatibility with app-store terms and additional advice on gaining valid acceptance of the terms by users.
  • OEM partner agreements – involving the integration of technology into apps, restrictions on use
  • Data Protection – our data protection lawyers can advise on the handling of personal data and advice on mobile app privacy policy and the use of pop up notifications to obtain consent.