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The internet and digital media form an integral part of so many businesses. Many will rely upon their website or app as their key revenue stream or as their sole means of communication with their customers. Other businesses will initially use their site to advertise their products or services, before moving or expanding their business online and offering an e-commerce platform. And then there are those on the other side of the table, designing the site or developing the technology behind it, or providing support, hosting and/or SEO services.

Many businesses operating online - whether IT and technology service providers or those in the advertising and marketing or media, entertainment and publishing sectors - will have the same concerns :

  • How do I protect the intellectual property in my website, app and online materials? What should I do if I find someone else is using my IP?
  • Do I need website terms and conditions or SaaS terms of use? If I do, what should they say? How do I make sure they are effective and what do I do if a user doesn’t comply?
  • Are there specific rules my business needs to comply with, such as consumer laws, advertising code of conduct or e-commerce regulations?
  • What do I need to know about Consumer Law?
  • How do I comply with my Data Protection obligations?

LCS specializes in advising on the legal issues surrounding the internet and digital media; drafting contracts between website and app owners, service providers and consumer or business users, advising on the legalities of the websites and apps themselves and our copyright attorneys assisting in disputes when a website, app or its content is misused. LCS’s employment team also advise on the issues surrounding social media and misuse of the internet or company technology, drafting staff policies and procedures and working with employers when their staff fail to comply.

One particular problem that often arises in the Internet and digital media sector is that the legislation never quite keeps up with innovation. So clients need to seek the help of technology lawyers with the skills to think creatively in order to help businesses comply with outdated rules. LCS technology attorneys work with their clients to understand their business and provide tailored, practical, commercial advice on the legal issues they face. If your online business requires contracts, or if your business needs assistance with any legal issue relating to the internet, website terms and conditions, however novel or complicated, our technology lawyers can help.