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Leonard Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to identifying and removing barriers in our workplace. It is the company’s mission to ensure that our policies, practices and procedures make our workplace environment and services accessible to people with disabilities, in a way that respects dignity and independence.
For more information please feel to write us at :

Notice of Temporary Disruption and/or Building Access :

If the company becomes aware that there is a temporary disruption of facilities or services that impairs the company’s ability to provide services to persons with disabilities, the company will give notice for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities or services. Notice will be given by posting the information in a conspicuous place on the company premises or by posting it to the company’s website.

Feedback Process :

Feedback on the way the company provides services to those with disabilities is welcomed and appreciated. Feedback can be made verbally, either in person or by telephone, in writing, or electronically by accessing our feedback form: (Feedback form should be inserted)