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Website Content & Disclaimer :

The material on this website is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute legal advice or a legal opinion of any nature. You should not take action, or fail to take action, based on this information. Although every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure accurate and complete website content, we cannot warranty same.

Unsolicited Confidential Information via Email :

Please be advised that contacting Leonard Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. via e-mail does not establish that the firm acts or will act for the party who sent the e-mail. A party does not become a client unless and until the firm agrees to act for that party. Such representation will be confirmed in a retainer agreement or letter in accordance with our usual policies. Please also be advised that, unless a party is an existing client, no information provided by e-mail will be considered confidential. For these reasons, please withhold from sending information to Leonard Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. without our prior agreement. Further, no professional relationship is created by accessing or browsing the information on this website.